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Here you can find all players. If you can't find a player in particular, try using the ctrl/command + f to find it.
You can vary the player listing. The players overview is sorted by active affiliation. But here I also offer you other sorting options. Simply click on the desired link.

Little information for you what you see in the active list of information about the players.
On the first line of a player card you will find the name with a link to their profile page, about the player and what they have achieved with Candy Caps.
On the left you can see the player's membership card.
Right next to the member card in the first line you will find the link to his private trading post.
After the trading post, you will find the player's birth month and birthday.
In the last line next to the member card, you will find the date of the last activity on Candy Caps.
At the end you will find the currently named Collection Deck here.

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All Players

Name Tradepost Status Last Login Collect
Bommiiehttps://Active07 / 10 / 2024Usagi & Mamoru
Cashttps://Inactive09 / 27 / 2023Nico & Rin
Clairehttps://Active07 / 09 / 2024Rainbow Train
Elihttps://Inactive10 / 18 / 2023Your Name
Emeliehttps://Active05 / 28 / 2024Yato
Kayorihttps://Active02 / 18 / 2024Atlantic
Kupohttps://Hiatus10 / 27 / 2023Phoenix
Lexhttps://Active07 / 14 / 2024Nozomi & Eli
Lokihttps://Active06 / 26 / 2024Eternal Eternity
Michellehttps://Inactive11 / 09 / 2023Masquerade
Myubihttps://Active07 / 16 / 2024Atsuko Kagari
Neahttps://Active07 / 19 / 2024Nico & Maki
Oujihttps://Inactive09 / 03 / 2023Starting Today
Panishhttps://Pending02 / 12 / 2024COLORS
Sashahttps://Active06 / 26 / 2024Usagi & Mamoru