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please also read the rules, otherwise everything will sink into chaos...

Before you go straight to the form, note these small rules. So that everything runs correctly.

  • Please make sure that you already have a working/online trade post before joining as it is required in the join form. Also, your email address must be valid, or else you won't get approved.
  • You must use a realistic name or nickname when signing up. If your name is already taken on the player list, please change your name. Numbers in the name are not allowed.
  • Please upload your cards within two weeks of getting your starter pack and bonus pack (once you get it). Let me know if you need more time, otherwise you will be removed from the list.
  • Keep a detailed card log on your trade post so the players and I can see how often you update and where you got your cards and other Candy Caps stuff from. It will be a good way for you to keep track of your trades and gains.
  • Try to update your card posts/logs at least once in two weeks. If you do not update your posts/logs within 2 weeks time, your status will be changed to inactive and you must reactivate your membership to continue trading.
  • Always send us a hiatus notice if you're going on hiatus for a couple of months. If you do not and your post/log is left un-updated for more than one month, we'll assume that you stopped playing or no longer interested, then you will be moved to the inactive list.
  • DO NOT CHEAT when playing, especially with the randomizer. This means, you are not allowed to refresh the page when you get to the prize page just so you can get the cards you really want. You are not allowed to give out answers to fellow players as well. Make sure to play the games only ONCE per round, except if you have used a matching ticket. If you are caught cheating, you will be out and permanently banned from playing and joining Candy Caps.
  • Players must provide a password to be able to access forms and the interactive section. This password is encoded in the database and cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone.
  • DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK to any cards, currency, coupons or other images, except the stampcards for direct linking. Please upload them to your own server.
  • Be nice and polite to other players as much as possible. In short, be civilize at any cost. If players don't want to trade, respect their decision and don't be rude or insist what you want. Let's make this place peaceful and enjoyable.
  • Remember to save all logs on your tradepost. All activity logs are saved except for the trade logs, but better safe than twice.
  • On Candy Caps you don't need an additional registration for a forum. This is because a separate forum was designed for this area. This is related to the entire CandyCaps database and is reflected directly in the design.

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