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Claire welcomes you to Candy Caps. Candy Caps is a TCG that fills up with all the different anime series. It mainly uses screencaps for card decks. If you're interested, everyone will be happy if you join. If you have general questions about TCG or Candy Caps directly, take a look at the information page. If you have any unanswered questions, Claire is also happy to answer them. Otherwise, Claire wishes you a lot of fun exploring Candy Caps.

Working News = 03/06/2024

Sorry I haven't leaked any information for so long, but work is progressing. Unfortunately it took me a while to be satisfied with the whole thing. But as soon as Candy Caps is out of the open editing phase, the prejoin phase will also be finished. People who join now forgive me I will have the bug in the registration finally fixed with the version change. Some of the join commands don't work but only sometimes, I don't know why but I'll rewrite the code there. Those who have already registered and are not displayed because of the problem that is currently occurring during registration, please contact me in the Discord Channel. Best under help. Then I will make the correction shortly.

Candy Caps goes into open processing mode.
There are many things that need to be improved and refined and you should therefore not be allowed to continue collecting now. No, you are welcome to continue collecting and everything else that goes with it. Donations are also still welcome. Oh yes and new guests can of course also join. The only thing that will be cancelled during the renovation work are the weekly updates. But there is a replacement. You can find more information in the forum under "Candy Caps Lounge -> Quick Update". Forgive me for this strange approach. But it will relieve the forum and the maintenance in the future.

Weekly update time!

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New Affiliates: Have a look!
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New Level Up's: Congratulations! Keep it up!
Eli (Noob 1)

New Masteries: Good work! Stay tuned!
Eli (I'm Done)
Kupo (Catch, Natsu & Gray)
October 24, 2023
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- Claire
Post your Freebies
Oh it's that time again. Just have fun playing and collecting the cards.

And before I forget, remember to request things in the Event Forum. So about September donations, participation and bonus rewards.

I don't know yet if I will do a small event for Halloween. We'll see. If it really comes to that that you don't get an event. You will still be awarded the milestones for Halloween. Since you are active.

But now stay healthy and safe, and we'll see you on Spooky Tuesday. (October 31st) ^.^

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